by Rapture

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Richard Haro (Vocals), Garrett Gutierrez (Guitar), Tony Rangel (Drums), Isaac Guerrera (Bass)



released March 6, 2015


all rights reserved



On The Attack Records Santa Cruz, California

Delivering beatdowns since 2006. Started in the Bronx. Moved to Cali in 2013.

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Track Name: Intro
Through the thick and thin
I will not give in

No rest for the wicked
Track Name: Legacy
No more wasting my time on things of the past
No matter the trial I will hold fast
Spent a lot of time looking back at sorrow
In my blindness couldn't see a brighter tomorrow

This is the last time
No regrets! bust!

What do we stand for?
To reach the ends of the earth
What do we live for?
To bring the heavens to earth

Living life striving to survive
Only doing what's best for you
Living your life on what will pass
This life I have I'll make it last
Track Name: Kingdom Crew
Witness the return!
Of the king of kings!
Living for myself never got me anywhere
And before unending grace my life was a mess

Not one man knows the time or the place
But one thing's for sure there'll be an end of days
Tooth & nail I won't give in
Win or fail I stand for this!
You can kill me, you can smash me to the ground, & you can fight God with all your might
But those are futile attempts to stop the burning inside
Christ is my strength, I stand here & fight

I know what you want, you're here to deceive
But here we stand Unafraid of defeat

He is returning
Returning to again
Where will you stand?
Where will you be?
Now is the time join the kingdom crew

Bring Da Ruckus
This crew won't die!

I know what you want you're here to deceive
But here we stand unafraid of defeat!
Track Name: Enemy Lines
Take me back
to the place
where I found my faith
and strength inside
I will not lose control
Of my destiny
And peace of mind
These demons these demons they're in my face
These demons these demons they challenge me
Try and try to deface my faith but strength on high will carry me
Take me back
to the place
where I found my faith
and strength inside
I will not lose control
Of my destiny
And peace of mind
Cast away, the enemy, do or die set me free!
Take me back
To the place
where I found my faith
And strength inside
I will not
lose control of my destiny
and peace of mind
in this life there are only two paths to choose from the narrow one which leads to life or the wide one Which Leads to death
Choose wisely
Buust it!!

Hard times come and hard times go Never fade let your true strength show
Track Name: Deceiver
A wolf in sheep's clothing is what you are
You once stood for truth
Maybe you were playing the part
You should be ashamed using his name in vain
Your only purpose is to cause pain
Make no mistake you will be exposed
What's done in darkness will be brought to light
You're a fake, you're a fake and everyone should know
Never have I met anyone who's stood so low

Deception is the name of your game
Try to take me down, but I know your face
You come well disguised as a friend
Soon everyone will see your inconsistency
You try to hold me back
you try to take me down
But there's a fire in my heart that won't burn out
You're going against an army
We won't easily be defeated
Your deceiving ways will not prosper
Not here, not now, not ever
You're putting up a front and we can see it
Your heart is like a stone and you'll sink with it
Your words deceived many men
But you won't last a day in the lions den
Impostor is what you are
Deceiving is what you do
Sheep's clothing you wear them well
Your schemes they won't prevail
Track Name: Nothing Else (ft. Joel Muniz of Dynasty)
This world has nothing to offer you
Yeah, I've been there before
Searching for something to fill the void
Looking through every door
A wasted life's such a tragedy
Don't get distracted by fallacies
God, turn my eyes from worthless things
And give me joy that salvation brings
Open my eyes
Let me see
Hope is only found
In the One, True, King
I want no part in a meaningless life
I rather live for purpose than live to die

Why can't you see, why can't you see?
That you don't have to live in defeat
why can't you see, why can't you see?
That there's a better way to live

Open my eyes
Let me see
Hope is only found
In the One, the True, the King

Hallelujah, glory to God
Lift us up from our desperation
Hallelujah, glory to God
We sing this song of restoration

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