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Blood Diamonds

by Dangerous Minds

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Introducing 01:44
Introducing the king of kings Second to none who is like You risen one He's the first and the last no beginning no end Eternally true outlasting every worldly trend Supremely legit a bloody cross will contest That every knee will bow and every tongue will confess You are lord And You’re worthy to be praised. Do it. You conquered the grave bringing hell to its knees Just to come to my rescue me at these raging seas
You laid death in his grave The grave despised Bloodied and bruised beyond recognition Buried accused betrayed to perdition Nailing debts to the cross, bringing life to the lost Death defeaters, champions in Christ we're crowned with life Death Defeaters, champions in Christ we’re called to rise Bloodied and bruised beyond recognition Buried accused betrayed to perdition Nailing debts to the cross, bringing life to the lost Death defeaters, champions in Christ we're crowned with life Death Defeaters, champions in Christ we're called to rise Redemption is mine Death came to take, they gave him three nails he gave them 3 days Make no mistake, no power in hell could of kept him in the grave No chance in hell
Left for dead, no way out But through Christ, we are found We were tore up from the floor up Caught up in sin, broken within Crushed with no will to live Nothing to give, hope running thin Sailing this sinking ship My life was falling apart Slipping through guilty hands No solid ground for me to stand But You gave Your life For the lowest of the low To see the worst of the worst made whole Blood diamonds Left for dead, no way out But through Christ, we are found Our lives reclaimed by Your exchange Our ransom paid all debt erased Mind in the gutter, life in the drain But you saw something better, You died in my place We're found empty handed But now we are alive in Your hands Left in the mud worth less than nothing Covered in blood, now tell me what i’m really worth Stuck in the mud, worth less than nothing Covered in blood, so tell me what’s my street value Left for dead no way out But through Christ we are found Blood Diamonds
I will never surrender to the spirit of the age I'll establish dominion let your glory fill this place All of hell trembles at the sound of your name Your kingdom come, by my hands Your will be done In Jesus name break every chain Your light we take, we will fight the fight of faith The gates of hell will not prevail They will burn when we fast, when we pray They will burn when we live to glorify Your name Fast pray live Prayer availed in the lion’s den I see no difference now and way back when All of hell please take a step back I pray you get that Holy Ghost Heart attack Get that Holy Ghost Heart Attack
Brothers 02:44
No way I'll watch your heart turn black, without a fight to bring you back I know you don't believe, still I'll prophecy, Destiny All the vices on your mind, all your soul crushing chains Every truth sucking lie, broken now in Jesus name I declare life Brother of mine be free from death Destruction awaits on this path you tread Rock bottom is where you've found yourself Seething in your own hand made hell Stop running your tripping out of time I pray you take the cross and not your life I give my word and my bond, my blood oath to keep I will fight and stand my ground until it’s life you see I won't run out even when you turn your back on me I won't give up on His promises for this family, yo kick it Even if you turn your back on me I won't run out on family, brothers to the end I won't run out, I won't give up On family, Brothers to the end
Sons of thunder deny the truth betrayer In Christ we stand united against the devastator More than conquerors Doers of the Word, though we're hated by the world Loyal to the grave, Faithful to the son By the blood of the lamb OVERCOME Covered by the blood, we will overcome By Your spirit, I claim my Destiny By your Word, I live in victory More than conquerors Many are called but few are chosen I'll carry my cross for the lost the broken Rise! Fullness of life found only in the one Break that Holy sweat son Til I die i’ll testify
You take your fist and raise it to the sky Your blame insists that He owes you life The truth is we are just a breath By our sin we have purchased death Deception will never let you see In corruption we're undeserving A bitter soul, life chained broken by the past A buried hope, your freedom frozen by your wrath With nothing we've come into this life With nothing we're leaving when we die We're living these days on borrowed time Still blaming the Lord for all our strife There’s no shadow in truth that won’t be brought to light There’s no shadow in truth left for you to hide You’ve turned your back, so take the blame
Running no more Through hard times Your strength is enough Through high tides I'm anchored above Against the odds, no matter the cost Through trials of life You're right by my side Not alone in this fight, You're with me 'til the end Not alone in this fight, I swear to God I'm pressing in I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me Nothing's impossible our God is unstoppable Mark 10:27
Ending 00:18
It’s time to party You can’t deny the feeling inside When there’s nowhere to run there’s nowhere to hide You need the love of Christ Empty with lies, no hope inside If you’re trusting the world it’ll eat you alive Watch your step, kid Breaking out Coming through Loud n Rowdy crew Spitting truth breaking all the rules Our chains are loosed cuz it’s Christ we choose Living life renewed with Jesus attitude From darkness to light You’ve changed my life To see Your name lifted high, JESUS CHRIST No more living with my life bound in sin No more tripping since I gave my life to Him I’m all in Party Step


"Blood Diamonds" is the long awaited debut from Los Angeles hardcore band Dangerous Minds. Musically forceful and lyrically steadfast about the band’s convictions, Blood Diamonds combines heavy hardcore grooves with complex metalcore stop-start rhythm structures. Dangerous Minds’ innovative brand of hardcore stands on the shoulders of Terror and Sleeping Giant, which is befitting since the band was founded by Dynasty guitarist Marcel Muniz.

Dangerous Minds features Marcel Muniz (vocals), Jeremy Tudon (guitar), Michael Massey (guitar), Alan Litrell (bass) and Danny Perez (drums).



released June 21, 2016


all rights reserved



On The Attack Records Ventura, California

Delivering beatdowns since 2006. Started in the Bronx. Moved to Cali in 2013.

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