by Kings & Daughters

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released November 4, 2013



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Delivering beatdowns since 2006. Started in the Bronx. Moved to Cali in 2013.

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Track Name: The Pharaoh: A False Idol
LYRICS: I know you've lost your reflection. The way your eyes glaze & your words fade to silence. You're coming apart at the seams. You're not the same as you were before. Even our bodies believe in second chances. I know what it's like to bear wounds that never heal & keep secrets that no one knows. Once the morning & evening star. Now the sun shines only at your back. I've been to the brink & looked over the line, but I've heard the voice that's kept me back from the edge. Get busy living or get busy dying. Those wounds & those scars that adorn your skin will some day belong to a set of hands that you have never touched, but even our bodies believe in second chances.
Track Name: The Sphinx: A Graven Image
LYRICS: Sex. Drugs. & Rock & Roll. I know the taste but it's bitter to the tongue. I'm no stranger to sin because I know its name. Addiction. Disease. I've got purity written across my chest but vanity across my face. Take my mistakes. Nail them to the wall. Put them on display. But let them say that I gave my everything, to the center of my brittle bones to proclaim the only Name that means anything. & with my last dying breath, sought to find a way to sing a song worthy of your melody.
Track Name: Of Judah: A Man Alive (feat. Blake Williams of Concepts)
LYRICS: I've heard them say I'm not the man I used to be but you presume to know me the same way you presume to know the oceans of the Earth simply because you have stood in the shallows of the nearest sea. Our souls bled onto paper. All men are poets but some are just cowards so the words stick in their throats. When you're in the filth, the mud, and the mire, keep your eyes to the north. Let go of the hands that weigh and drag you down. Keep your eyes to the north. There are far better days ahead and than any we have left behind.