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Dry Bones

by Spirit And The Bride

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Bloodline 04:35
Savior, I've waited far too long to give You all of me so I'm pleading for forgiveness for all the filth I've done. I'm sick of the life I'm living so cleanse me from within. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit. I want to be in Your family cause I can't do this on my own. Otherwise I'm finished, dead and gone. But I have my doubts. Can You really take these sins from me and cast them as far as the east is from the west? I want to see it with my own eyes looking through the holes in Your hands at the place where You cast my sins into the sea of forgetfulness. How could a King like You ever be mindful of someone like me? Then the Savior answered me and said, “O son, you're in the bloodline. When I died for you my blood flowed out of me covering the whole world and all who dwell within forevermore. You're in the bloodline, that's why you call me Father and it's why I call you son. You're in the bloodline.” Savior, I give You all of me. No longer living for myself, I've seen the price You've paid, all while looking through the holes in Your hands. I know now, I have no doubts, that I am in Your family. We are in the family. We are in the bloodline.
Let this be the generation that puts hypocrisy in its place, buried in the ground six feet deep. Let this be the generation that seeks the face of the Lord in pursuit of true holiness. Never forgetting the price of this Message and the martyred Christians who've died along the way. It's time we stop playing church for the sake of tradition. Die to self and live for Christ. Pick up your cross and follow, take the path of righteousness because to live is Christ, and to die is gain. Let this be your anthem, dead men don't sin. So paint "noon" above the door frame. Would you die for the Nazarene? Or will you live for the broken world? Let's put an end to compromise, not sacrificing what we believe in to satisfy the ones around us who live in darkness. Let us all be like dead men. Take the path of righteousness. Confess, repent, believe. We will die for the Nazarene. We will die for the King of Kings. So paint eternity on my eyes. Dead men don't sin.
Dry Bones 03:41
The weapon of hell is deception, the great deception is false redemption. Mirage. The path we've taken was paved for our destruction. Whatever happened to walking the road less traveled, the straight and narrow way. We're being swallowed up by a mirage of false hope. The further we travel the more these lines get blurred. Now the pavement turns to gravel, gravel turns to sand, we're being devoured in the valley of dry bones. This place has peeled back my flesh and drained the blood from my veins leaving me to die in the desert. And though I wanted to cry out, pride had cut out my tongue, so there I slept. We've made our beds and now we're sleeping in them. We've made our beds and now we're dying in them. And just as the sun sank beneath the hills, I saw a new light appear in the darkness. With the light came prophesy and with the prophesy came new life. My dry bones, no longer brittle, stood firm in the place where they had once fell. And as tears of joy streamed down my face a new song echoed over and over again. Wake up. Dry bones, wake up. Hear the prophecy, wake up. Dry bones, wake up.
Authority 02:31
We're calling on the Master. Flow down like a river. Fill this place, O God. Wash over us. You are the cleansing flood. Purify my soul. Let the blood of the Lamb cover my sins. Let the blood of the Lamb cover my iniquities. We're calling on the Master. Flow down like a river. Fill this place, O God. And worthy is the Lamb, who is seated on the throne, seated high above. We're not redeemed by silver or gold but by the perfect sacrifice for sins from Jesus Christ. It's all about the blood. It's all about the Gospel. I will lay my life down to the One who gave His. I will live to preach the Gospel. It's with this authority that we will save the lost and forgotten.
A cry in the dead of night reaching the highest heights and lowest depths. Many will hear the call but who will come to my rescue. Good Shepherd hear my plea. Don't let my enemies seek me out. Wolves on the prowl, they hunt the weakest prey. O Good Shepherd intervene, speak to me when You are near. But do I know Your voice? Your sheep will hear no other shepherd, but do I know Your voice? How then will I know the difference between my Rescuer and a wolf in sheep clothing? The answer is found when we are eye to eye. Only one Man can save me from this snare I'm in. Get me out of this place. Jesus wept. Only one Man can save me from this death I face. Jesus wept. I once was lost but now I'm found, I can see His tears falling to the ground. I know who's come to rescue me. Jesus wept. Pull me up from this place of terror, embrace me in Your arms again. I'll never wander from Your presence. But the enemy pursues, they are relentless. They keep biting at my heels, their fangs get closer and closer. But they will never reach my skin because my Rescuer has trained my hands for war. Brick layer, wolf slayer. Their fangs will not break through. Brick layer, wolf slayer. I will tear their kingdom down.
Threshold 03:19
O Lord, my God, I live to serve Your majesty. But I stand in fear before a giant who waits at my threshold to a new beginning. He's mocking everything I do, he's defiling the kingdom. It's all blasphemy. The enemy thinks he knows me like he wore the shirt on my back, but I'm dressed in royal robes. Although I don't deserve it, all of heaven is coming to fight for me right now. Because this is my threshold, I'm never turning back again. O Lord, my God, I live to serve Your majesty. The giant can't hold me down. I'm taking back what's rightfully mine, with all of heaven standing beside me. We will sing our victory song. This is my threshold, I enter through the gates to begin.
Armageddon 03:05
This world has become an armageddon and we have been cast out but we gotta stand firm. In the face of annihilation, we stand firm. So stand firm my brothers, take hold of the cross. Stand firm my sisters, because if God is our foundation it will not shake. Stand firm, take hold of the cross. If God is our foundation it will not shake. So listen you kings, hear me you rulers. We will sing to the Lord. We will worship the King of Kings, the God of Israel. We will sing.
Thieves 03:19
I'm no longer a slave to sin. That weights been lifted off of me. Never again will I bury myself in the shadows of the past. I've been set free, I've been redeemed. For who the Son sets free, he is free indeed. Since I was a child I was taught the same message, see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. Well I'm sorry mom and dad but I've done all of the above so now I have to pay the price. I was an evil man, I deserve this sentence. The crowd cries, thieves, crucify them. Now my body is broken, left here to die, hanging next to the one that they call the Messiah, Jesus Christ. But I rejoice in this suffering because of what that Man said. Because I believed in my heart and I confessed with my mouth that the Messiah was the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. And I said, O God, remember me when You’re in Your kingdom. And He looked at me and said, “Tonight you'll be with Me in paradise.” He knew my sins and my past. He knew I was born with a face towards hell. Born with a face towards hell, yet He took me anyway. I didn't deserve it but He's taking me anyway. So tonight I'll no longer be a thief, I'll be in paradise. Tonight I'll no longer be a thief.
Open Heaven 03:30
God's peace, it is the fire that dismantles chaos. We partake in it freely, dancing to sounds of that still, small voice. The more we worship, as if we were standing before Your throne, the more it shakes the foundations of hell. So let heaven open wide, open heaven. We are Your temple, we will never keep You out. Fill every void with the train of Your robe. Remove everything that stands in Your way and let us dwell on level ground, the ground that rests at the foot of the cross. And just as You rebuilt Your temple in three days, rebuild our hearts, renew our minds, restore our lives. We want to see You move like the way You did in days of old. So keep our eyes wide open. Fill our lungs with the sounds of freedom, screaming out for all to hear. You've arrived. You've arrived. The King has arrived. Long live the King. Give us a clear mind. Set a higher standard, the standard of servanthood. Unify the body. Hell’s foundation trembles when we march in unity. So, let heaven open wide. Open up, open up the heavens. We will worship You before Your throne.
Perseverance 05:55
“Brothers, since we have confidence to enter the most holy place by the blood of Jesus, let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts cleansed by the water and by the blood. Let us hold steadfast to the hope that we profess, for He who has promised is faithful. Let us encourage one another on toward love and good works. Let us not give up. Let us encourage one another to press on and persevere, because He is with us to the ends of the age. So let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily ensnares, and let us run with perseverance the race ahead of us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the Author and the Finisher of our faith, who endured the cross, who scorned its shame, and sat down at the right hand of God the Father.” Let us persevere. God, we are asking for perseverance. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Let us persevere. Cleansed by the water, cleansed by the blood. Persevere. Thy will be done. For we know that the testing of our faith, it produces perseverance. We left everything behind to become something far greater than ourselves. And we'll continue pushing forward until the day of Your return. We'll be shouting Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna in the highest. Holy are You Lord. “ ” Hebrews 10:19-25, 12:1-2


Released May 30, 2017, "Dry Bones" explodes with spirit-filled, old school hardcore with both metalcore and punk influences. Each song deals with spiritual matters, from being in the Bloodline of Christ ("Bloodline"), to praying for the heavens to open ("Open Heavens"), to the epiphany of the thief on the cross. The album has a spiritual progression throughout -- one of hope, redemption and love. God provided a way for us to rid ourselves of self-hatred, and this album explores all aspects of the journey.

Spirit and the Bride stands for one purpose: one vision, to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The music they write is original, heavy, and has a strong emphasis on worship, not condemnation. Scripture based lyrics and passionate melodies make up their unique sound. "The Spirit and the bride say, "Come!" And let him who hears say, "Come!" Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life." Revelation 22:17.

Spirit and the Bride features Joshua Simmons (Vocals), Josh Summerville (Guitar), Jeremiah Medley (Bass) and Adam Simmons (Drums). Follow the band on Facebook:



released May 30, 2017

"Dead Men" features guest vocals by Nick Detty from Wolves at the Gate.
"Jesus Wept" features Zack McKim from Take it Back! / Paperweight.


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